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Data & Reporting

Map the data your business uses and ensure your first party data strategy is driving marketing performance and revenue.

Be GDPR compliant        


We map all customer and marketing data being collected across your internal teams and external partners to identify compliance risks, recommend contractual amendments, and ensure your marketing operations are 100% GDPR compliant.


Create a single customer view 


We map customer data points across your entire organisation and design your future technology stack to give you a single customer view that can be used effectively across every part of your business, from marketing all the way to fulfilment.


Improve first party data collection & usage  


We optimise your 1st party data strategy by designing the consent frameworks to encourage customers to opt-in to marketing communications and deploy first party data activation processes that enable your marketing teams to drive better results.


Create real-time reporting dashboards


We design and deploy bespoke data visualisation dashboards (or unlock the data visualisation features in your existing reporting platforms) to deliver the necessary data and insights for you to be able to measure and optimise your activity in real-time.