Glass Buildings

Digital Audits

Quickly assess and identify which areas of your digital operating model need to be improved.

We’ve designed four simple digital assessments that help you identify which areas of your digital operating model you should focus on improving.

Our assessments & audits collect hundreds of data points that we review in order to score the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing and operations.

Every assessment we complete not only gives you a detailed snapshot and score of your current operating performance, but also identifies focus areas that will deliver quick wins to your business and industry benchmarked KPIs so you can measure your success.

The four assessments that we offer are:


Benchmark your digital performance and maturity against your competitors and industry standards.

Digital Maturity Audit

Identify how much money and time you could save.

Commercial Audit

Identify which marketing services and channels you should in-house.

In-Housing Audit


Measure the ROI of your digital strategy and identify where performance can be improved.

Performance Audit