The In-housing Experts.

We give brands more ownership of their digital marketing operations to improve performance and accelerate digital capabilities.


We’ve helped some of the world’s biggest companies take the lead in their marketing performance and capabilities.

What should you in-house?


We design the roles, find the candidates, and onboard the hires for your in-house operating model.


We deploy digital marketing processes to ensure your in-house model is aligned to your business goals and objectives.


We scope new marketing platforms (or optimise your existing ones) to ensure they are executing, tracking and reporting effectively.

Why should you in-house?

cost savings

In-housing reduces inflated agency costs, arbitrage fees and mark-ups with direct contracts that are tailored to your needs.


In-housing provides full control of your digital operations, giving you the skills and ability to optimise and improve your marketing performance in real-time.


In-housing gives you full visibility of your digital marketing activity and data, providing a more accurate measure of performance and brand safety.


In-housing eliminates long lead-times for activation and reporting, providing the ability to make faster decisions and more efficient optimisations.

How do we work with you?


We work with you to define the requirements of your digital marketing operating model and map them to the needs and objectives of your business.


We review your current operating model, analyse your costs, technology and performance, and work with your key stakeholders to get a true picture of your ‘current state’.


Our recommendations are tailored to ensure they’re realistic and achievable for your organisation and can drive measurable results.


We provide specialist resource to plan, manage and implement your solution working alongside your team, minimising additional workloads and business interruption.


Scott has worked in industries spanning engineering, finance, and advertising across roles underpinned by data and technology. He has worked on the media activation and buying side of programmatic.


He has also built and designed digital marketing performance dashboards for a number of brands allowing them to automatically report back to their business’ in real-time with clean and transparent datasets for inference and insights.


Scott has mapped out the strategy and architecture to achieve this which is bespoke to stakeholders’ requirements and can be adapted for disparate technology stacks and internal systems.

Digital Consultant
Scott Taylor
Digital Consultant
Scott Taylor
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Josh has worked both agency and client side across industries spanning e-commerce, entertainment and education in digital marketing and creative roles.


He has specialised in Paid Search, most recently for Dixons Carphone where he looked after paid search planning and activation for the Carphone Warehouse brand.

Josh is now advising our clients on digital marketing and creative best practices to enhance performance, streamline processes and utilise automation.

Digital Consultant
Josh Roughton
Digital Consultant
Josh Roughton
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Jeremy Square.jpg

Jeremy Leonard


Jeremy’s career has spanned 25 years and across four continents.


He’s worked for WPP, Aegis and Omnicom where he built their fastest-growing digital agency for 3 years running.


In-between his network roles, Jeremy successfully helped build three global technology start-ups delivering enterprise digital solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands including McDonald’s, Ikea, HSBC, Honda, and Microsoft. Jeremy is passionate about growing LEAD into a leading global marketing technology consultancy.


Jack Shearring

Managing Director

Jack leads the London office and drives best-in-class performance for our clients’ digital marketing processes, vendors, skills, and commercials.


He has predominantly worked in media agencies planning and buying digital advertising across all paid channels. Working across some of the UK’s biggest advertisers such as Unilever, Jaguar Land Rover, EDF Energy, and the BBC, Jack has set up programmatic trading desks, designed PPC account architecture, ran multi-million-pound display campaigns and more.


Jack co-founded LEAD after seeing so many brands being led down the wrong path over the years and feels passionate about making the industry a better place for everyone.


Pamela Alexis


Pamela has eight years’ experience in The Big 4 accounting firms. She spent the first five years in assurance and compliance, before moving on to mergers & acquisitions (‘M&A’), where she led cross-border and multi-disciplinary teams in assisting multinational clients on buy and sell-side transactions in the tech space.


An avid learner, Pamela was also the recipient of multiple PwC awards, as well as CAANZ’s Candidate of the Year award. Pamela not only handles LEAD’s finances; she also lends her expertise on assurance and compliance where relevant to LEAD’s clients.


Chris Charman

Client Services Director

Chris has over 10 years’ experience working throughout the digital marketing eco-system, across advertisers, agencies, and publishers.

He’s predominantly worked in ad operations, ad tech and media buying on behalf of some of the UK’s leading brands including HSBC, John Lewis, and Jaguar Land Rover.

Chris is passionate about driving digital performance by improving advertisers’ in-house capabilities across their technology, people and processes.

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-03 at 9.31.38 AM.

Mojo Leonard

Head of Culture

Born in Singapore, Mojo moved to London in 2014 and started to grow his fur longer to cope with the cold winters. He keeps a close eye on the mood of the office and ensures the team is always communicating and sharing everything – especially lunch.

As Head of Culture, Mojo loves to explore new countries to meet new people and as such he is extremely well-travelled.  So far, he has been to; Paris, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Geneva, Lake Como, Venice, Milan, Tuscany, Rome, Pisa, Portofino, Monaco, Nice and all over the UK.

Shopping in Mall

Are your customer acquisition strategies driving return on investment?

We have the experience and expertise to assess your customer acquisition strategies, e-commerce journeys and marketing channel planning. We ensure the design of your current marketing strategies are delivering valuable customers that drive performance against your key business objectives.

Go Team

Are you getting the most out of your teams and agencies?

Whether it’s having the right people and teams internally, or managing your agency performance and services, we advise and design the right mix of in-house and out-of-house teams that can best deliver your objectives within your existing budget, capabilities and goals.

Market Analysis

Is your 1st Party Data accurate, compliant and maximising revenue?

We map the data your business collects on your customers and ensure that it's compliant with your local data regulations. We specialise in optimising your 1st party data consent frameworks so your first party data strategy drives marketing and business performance. In a cookieless future, this is becoming critical for all businesses.

Zooming on Tablet

What is the right marketing technology stack for your business?

We identify and eliminate marketing technology overlaps, assess platform capabilities and identify any tech stack gaps or required integrations. As well as scoping and selecting new platforms, we onboard them into your business to ensure you’re utilising them in the most effective way. We are platform agnostic, meaning we can truly choose the right stack for you.

Online Shopping

Are you giving your customers the best online experience?

We optimise your digital customer journeys to ensure they’re delivering both best-in-class customer experience and digital marketing performance. Our customer journey maps optimise conversions at each stage of your customer’s journey, from acquisition through purchase, fulfilment and retention.