A Google free Australia could be a good thing

Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of the Google ecosystem. But I also believe news media has been pillaged by big tech for long enough. You could argue that it's their own fault for not being more commercially savvy. However put aside if you agree with the argument and whether or not there isn't some persuasive 'lobbying' going on from global news media moguls.

What I'm proud of is the Australian Government wants to implement a law that for all intensive purposes gives the people making expensive news content the ability to be paid for it by those that use it to generate revenues. And the big tech giants response was nothing more than a bullying threat.

So I'm all for Google pulling out of Australia. Because it would prove for the first time that there is life after Google. It would allow Australian tech start ups to thrive, and an entirely new ecosystem of online search and communication tools to sprout up with the possibility for some much better tools than what we're all slaves to now.

So as much as my Kiwi passport shudders at the thought of applauding my Australian counterparts, in this instance I have to say - Good on ya mates! Don't back down.

Nothing is more insulting than a tech monopoly trying to strong arm a country, that should never be okay.

Of course Google can 'afford' to leave Australia and the revenue it generates there, but what Google can't afford, is for a modern tech savvy economy like Australia to incubate what would probably be some seriously good competitive products that would soon find there way into other Google markets.

And I for one would love to see what the Australian tech industry can come up with. It would certainly make the online world more interesting and probably better for all of us.