Why are businesses in-housing marketing?

The common assumption is businesses are in-housing because of cost; and whilst it will be cheaper to in-house some of your marketing services and technology ownership, the ultimate value is having real time control of your marketing performance and data.

The Problem

Digital marketing can be measured and optimised in real time, but if your campaigns are being run out-of-house, by the time you’ve received the feedback from your agency it’s too late do anything about it.

Out-of-house campaigns generate data for the agencies that run them, and often the value of that data isn’t shared with the clients who paid for it.

There’s no longer one big campaign - digital marketing is now dynamic with different messages, content and audiences.  Many agencies struggle to deliver the sheer volume of content production that clients now need, or it takes too long and is expensive so producing it in-house can save not just money but also precious time.

Marketing technology has automated and simplified many of the tasks clients need agencies to deliver for them, and bringing these services in-house is not only cost effective but also ensures you have complete control of critical digital tools (e.g. tagging, eCommerce, ad serving).

Our Solution

We review what areas of your digital marketing would be more effective in-house and whether your business could effectively manage them if you did.

We assess the impact of bringing your marketing services and technology ownership in-house and give you an achievable roadmap to follow.

We deploy a team into your business to manage migration of services and technology, and train your in-house team to manage the new model effectively.

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