Why do you need transparency?

Arbitrage billing, rebates and kickbacks are still common practice in digital marketing.  But transparency isn’t just about costs, it’s also about the data your digital marketing generates.  Ensuring you have ownership of your data, technology and costs is critical to deliving effective digital marketing campaigns.

The Problem

Your marketing performance is often being measured by the same people that are charging you for it. 

Agencies, media owners and technology vendors have spent years creating arbitrage billing practices and providing kick-backs to each other. As a result, too many clients are paying inflated costs for technology, media and services to support these hidden margins and fees veiled in variable cost models or blended rates.

Marketing technology has automated many of the tasks that previously took a team of people days to complete - but clients are still paying for how long it used to take.

The value of your digital marketing isn’t just measured in dollars anymore – nowadays the data it generates that has the most value, and too often clients are giving theirs away because they simply can’t see it.

Our Solution

We review your current fees, media and technology costs to ensure you’re not paying for more than you should be.

We review services you’re paying for and how they’re measured to ensure you’re getting what you need and with accurate data and results.

We deploy best in class ways of working with your agencies that not only help you get the best results from them, but also helps them get the right instructions from you.

We give you ownership of your campaign data and performance so you have direct control of your digital effectiveness.

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