How can you get the most out of your data?

Data driven marketing goes beyond impressions and clicks. It requires user journeys, customer value, weather, location, events…and much more. If you’re not managing your data across all your touch points then you can’t deliver real time personalised marketing and you’ll be missing valuable insights that could drive the future success of your business.

The Problem

Planning, targeting, measurement and optimisation are all underpinned by the data you generate from your marketing activity, and if that data is not integrated and live then you cannot extract the insights you need to drive performance.

Too often clients have multiple data sources that are siloed, making it impossible to analyse and get actionable insights from.

Many clients struggle to know exactly what data they have, where it is and how to use it.

It’s common for clients to send their data out for analysis by 3rd parties that gets given back in a format they can’t use, in a timeframe that makes it outdated.

Measurement and reporting is either inaccurate or irrelevant because the data being measured is not complete, or the reports being delivered don’t match your business KPIs.

Our Solution

We build a comprehensive map of all your marketing data and sources.

We identify the systems and platforms that produce and store your data, remove duplications and improve accuracy.

We build reporting frameworks that are tailored to your KPIs, in a format you can use, to make real-time decisions and measure ROI.

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