Why is your Tech-stack so important?

Every client is different, and the marketing technology that’s right for you depends on the needs and structure of your business.  Factors like - do you have retail stores, a loyalty program, online booking, delivery, mobile apps right down to the products you sell – are all critical factors in choosing the right marketing technology for your needs.

The Problem

Many clients marketing platforms are driven or chosen by what their partners or agencies want to use, not what’s best for your business.

The latest technology is only powerful if you can actually use it, and in many cases clients deploy expensive solutions that they don’t utilise fully.

Marketing technology changes faster than the weather. Vendors are lining up to give you the best CRM, DMP, DSP, CDP, CSP and dozens of other platforms that you may or may not need.  It’s common for companies to over-invest in multiple platforms that can do the same thing.

Everyone wants the latest technology; but often by the time you’ve deployed it and integrated it into all your other technology, it’s out of date.

Our Solution

We review your existing tech-stack to identify what you have, if you’re using it effectively, if it’s integrated properly and if you have any duplications.

We assess your current and future needs and the capability of your in-house and out-of-house teams to recommend a tech-stack that is efficient, usable and future-proofed.

We’ll help you search and select the right technology for you and deploy it across your organisation ensuring it’s fully integrated and you’re getting the most out of it.

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