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In-housing digital media channels globally

01. Challenge

Oanda were interested in bringing the planning and activation of their digital media channels in-house to take more control, however they weren’t sure how to effectively get there. They had several agencies who owned various parts of their marketing technology stack, resulting in a complex ecosystem that they needed to unpick. Oanda came to LEAD to solve their challenge.

02. Solution


LEAD ran a four-week discovery, combining stakeholder interviews with collateral analysis of hundreds of media plans, agency invoices, performance reports and more. The discovery allowed LEAD to make a phased in-housing recommendation based on which channels would deliver the fastest success to the business.

The final solution was a full in-house digital media model across Paid Search, Paid Social and Programmatic Display with the removal of all Oanda agencies. LEAD worked with Oanda to recruit the in-house team, procure the marketing technology and build the ways of working across all internal teams to fully embed the operating model into the entire organisation.

03. Results

The transition to the full-in house model was incredibly successful for Oanda. The model delivered a $1m+ saving in fees across their agencies and marketing technology, as well as the removal of barriers to their media buying platforms that allowed them to have full real-time access to performance reporting.

There was also a performance improvement with Oanda’s Cost Per Lead decreasing 51% across all digital channels, a phenomenal result given such a large change in such a short space of time. The whole transition was delivered in under 12 months, showing the power of a strong client-consultancy partnership.

We always deliver measurable success


Decrease in Cost Per Lead


Saving in agency and martech fees


Month deployment from start to finish

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