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Holland & Barrett

Delivering a single customer view with a refreshed marketing technology stack

01. Challenge

Holland & Barrett had accumulated dozens of marketing technology platforms over the years as a result of working with a variety of agencies and regularly pivoting their digital strategy. This created a highly inefficient ecosystem with too many vendors, legacy systems and confusion over which platforms were actually contributing to business success. They needed to find a solution to deliver a single customer view but didn’t know how. Holland & Barrett came to lead to solve their challenge.

02. Solution


LEAD ran a six-week discovery, centred around a technology, data and measurement audit. This method involved mapping all the data collected and processed across the business to identify the gaps, inefficiencies and overlaps within the existing technology. Several issues were causing barriers to obtaining a single customer view – limited integration of data, siloed teams, lack of governance, inaccurate reporting and misaligned strategies within the business.

The final solution was a phased approach with a consultancy team sitting inside Holland & Barrett HQ to deploy a fit-for-purpose marketing cloud solution. This eliminated technology overlaps and integrated all customer platforms (service loyalty, email, eCommerce) to create a single customer view for marketing.

03. Results

The transformation programme delivered the objective of a single customer view, but also managed to save $500k+ in technology efficiencies through the removal of various redundant and overlapping platforms. Digital revenue also increased 15% due to a more accurate segmentation and targeting of customers with marketing messages.

As well as delivering the technology, LEAD also helped to foster more collaboration between teams both internally externally with standardised measurement and reporting frameworks.

We always deliver measurable success


Saving in technology efficiencies


Increase in digital revenue


Single customer view across Marketing

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