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Sony Electronics

Training sales and marketing teams across Europe

01. Challenge

Sony Electronics wanted to give their UK sales and marketing teams digital marketing training but couldn’t find a provider to give them a bespoke package. Their employees needed upskilling in very specific areas based on the nature of their roles, so an off-the-shelf solution wasn’t appropriate. Sony Electronics came to LEAD to solve their challenge.

02. Solution


LEAD ran a two-week sprint discovery to gain as much context, insight and knowledge of the Sony Electronics team, conducting in-person and virtual interviews with team members from across the organisation. These interviews gave the LEAD team both qualitative and quantitative data to highlight the priority knowledge gaps and areas to address with a digital marketing training programme.


The solution was a two-day bespoke digital marketing workshop combining both theory and practical content with every part created specifically for Sony. Post-training the LEAD team worked with the key digital marketing stakeholders to develop 30-60-90 day plans to ensure there was momentum after the workshop had taken place.

03. Results

The workshop was so successful in the UK that LEAD was asked to run more bespoke workshops in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Nordics, Poland, Czech Republic and for various leadership teams across the organisation.

LEAD have trained over 1,000 Sony stakeholders across Europe and continue to be the preferred digital marketing training partner to upskill their teams.

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