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As a core part of our company culture, LEAD commits to incorporating corporate responsibility in everything we do based on our collective sustainability strategy. We realise that our success in creating value for our staff, clients and industry dependent on how we act and conduct ourselves in relation to the world around us.


Our PROTECT policy ensures that all our stakeholders understand LEAD’s commitment to protecting our planet while balancing the complex and intertwined elements of economic success, societal expectations and environmental needs.


This policy is always evolving, but for now the key focusses of our sustainability strategy are:

Products, Recycling, Offsetting, Technology, Energy, Community, Travel


We know that the continuous integration of sustainability in our work will ensure greater long-term success of our business.



We strive to buy products that are natural, low carbon and organic. As a professional services business we don’t have a massive supply chain to wrestle with, but we still ensure that the brands and products we buy into our business are environmentally responsible.



All LEAD offices have a rigorous recycling policy that goes above and beyond local regulations. As well as recycling office waste, we also work with businesses like Re-certify to recycle all our hardware and use websites like Freecycle to reuse any unwanted office equipment.



LEAD is in the process of designing and deploying our carbon offset policy. We are working with Verdn to introduce an offsetting process and commercial model whereby we can calculate the emissions that our consultancy projects produce.



We have a sustainable approach to the technology we use inside our business. We enable energy-saving features on all devices that have them, ensure that all technology is switched off overnight and when not in use, printers are only used when absolutely necessary.



LEAD use 100% renewable energy for all our office locations. We work closely with our commercial landlords to find new ways of being more energy efficient, including the installation of Nest thermostats, insulation, LED lights and more.



We regularly canvas ideas for new sustainability initiatives from the wider LEAD team to ensure we’re always improving our policies – this is led by a volunteer Sustainability Officer who sits in the consulting team and a volunteer Sustainability Director who sits on the board.



We aim to minimise air travel with our clients and have been successful in decreasing air travel year-on-year since LEAD’s inception. We encourage our teams to utilise our virtual meeting software suite and make greener choices when travelling for work.

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